Acupressure is a simple, holistic, hands-on tool that encourages the body to work more efficiently and effectively to promote natural labor. It has been shown to provide immediate relief of labor pain and can safely treat a variety of issue, including:


●     Nausea/Morning Sickness

●     Insomnia

●     Back Pain

●     Fatigue

●     Resting  Labor

●     Malposition of fetus

●     Insufficient Lactation

Acupressure can be done in any birth setting and when combined with training in Chinese medicine meridian theory or massage therapy techniques, it is a powerful and effective tool.  Acupressure techniques also provide birth attendants and partners a chance to actively participate in the birthing process.. Women who have used Acupressure during labor have consistently reported a reduction in their pain and improved sense of calm.


Fee: $45 for one 35-40 min session
The recommended protocol is one session per week beginning at 36 weeks. If a session is scheduled weekly beginning at 36 weeks then each session after 5 sessions is complimentary.
Acupressure may also be combined with precisely tailored hypnotic sessions for a 90 minute appointment.  
Fee: $95 


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