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This week minfulness on Monday is going to focus on the common fear that does not serve birthing families: "my baby will come before I can get to the hospital" Here a couple of affirmations to rework that thought in your mind: "my baby chooses when and where they will be born and I honor my baby's choice" and "I trust my baby and my body to tell me the perfect time to travel to the hospital"

If you have another affirmation relating to timing and arriving at the hospital then please share it in the comments so that others may benefit. Just remember that affirmations need to use positive language and describe what you wish to attract rather than what you wish to avoid.

Dr. Gregory White wrote a handbook titled "Emergency Childbirth" that he created for first responders who may find themselves attending a birth unexpectedly. In it he described how babies that are born in cars, taxicabs, police squad cars or unexpectedly at home almost never need any mechanical assistance and that the main responsibilty of the attendent would be simply to maintain a calm demeanor and reassure the mother. Rapid births are typically free of any special circumstances that would require the baby to need resuscitation so even if your baby does choose to slide on out before you have a chance to reach your chosen facility then that is most likely a result of a very "easy" uncomplicated birth and therefore does NOT deserve your fear!

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