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Today Minfulness on Monday is going to focus on this common fear that does not serve birthing families: "My doctor will not be on-call for my birth". The affirmation to rewrite this fear: "The care provider that attends my birth is skilled and compassionate " or if that doesn't sound comforting "I am prepared to handle any turn that my birthing may take"

The fact of the matter is that in a traditional model attended by an obtetrician, you will only spend a very short period of time with the doctor anyways. Also, make sure to discuss which scenarios are possible with your care provider in advance. Many practices in the Richmond area utilize hospitalists. These are practitioners with the same skill set as your chosen provider that remain at the hospital to attend births during "off-call" hours.

I have had very few opportunities to work alongside of hospitalists here in Richmond. Each of those times though, they were indeed both skilled and compassionate.

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