Fresh 48 images from VCU Health, Richmond, VA

Birth photography is a beautiful, tangiable record of your birth journey. If you want your baby's first moments captured, but you are not comfortable with the idea of having a photographer with you while birthing, then Fresh 48 can be a great option for you.

Even if you have a birth doula who is also a skilled photographer, this person can not both support your birth and document your birth. If both services are important to you, then it is necessary to hire separate individuals for each. A doula can however provide Fresh 48 images in the moments and hours directly following your babies transition earthside.

You often hear people say how babies change so quickly after they are born. Photo-documentation of a babies first few hours really confirms this!

When Joyful Birth Services is hired for Fresh 48 photography, you are asked to notify us when you go into labor, and then once the baby arrives, we will plan a time to do your session within 48 hours.

Another reason that Fresh 48 is such a great option for many families is because the sibling reaction is one of the most anticipated moments of the entire transition. Many families want these images recorded.

Joyful Birth Services offers Fresh 48 Photography, without any any additional on-call fees over the hourly rate for photography. Detail are here if you think a Fresh 48 session may suit your desire to document your transition.

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