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Exciting new changes to Fresh 48 Birth Photography sessions in RVA through Joyful Birth Services

We have restructured the Fresh 48 photography option that we offer to growing families in the Richmond, VA area and we wanted to share these exciting changes with you here on the blog.

birth photographer in Richmond, VA

First of all, what is Fresh 48? Fresh 48 is a photo session that takes place within 48 hours of baby's arrival. The main purpose is to capture images that preserve the brand new baby and family because they change very quickly at this age. Fresh 48 is not a posed newborn session. Previously sessions were charged per hour and now the time frame is more flexible and your photographer will stay anywhere from 45 minutes to 2+ hours depending on your preferences and the time it takes to achieve your goals for the session. Session time will stay very flexible. You will receive a minimum of 24 images.

natural birth RVA

Just like with birth photography, reverence for you postpartum space and needs will always be top priority.

RVA birth doula

A Fresh 48 session through Joyful Birth Services will now offer an option to request a photographer once you are fully complete at 10 cm so that you can have memories from the baby's first few hours and potentially even the moment of birth captured. We will discuss your preferences in advance. To be clear, if you want to have a photographer that is guaranteed to capture baby's arrival and fleeting first moments then you must secure a birth photographer.

birth photography in Richmond, VA

The other option is a "meet the sibling" session. With ample notice (the exact time will vary) your photographer will plan to arrive 30 minutes prior to the older siblings to capture the baby details and then be ready and waiting for the big sibling moment. Also, because new siblings are our absolute favorite thing this sibling session is included with a birth photography package whenever scheduling allows.

newborn photographer Richmond VA

natural birth Richmond VA

Richmond, VA birth midwife

As always, if you are curious about Birth or Fresh 48 photography or any other Joyful Birth service please do not hesitate to get in touch!

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