Crucial Shark Week Details

Every year Joyful Birth Service celebrates Shark Week with giveaways, discounts and gifts. What does Shark Week have to do with birth services? What do sharks, hypnosis, and birth all have in common??? I'll tell you. They are all TRAGICALLY misunderstood due to the bogus conventional wisdom surrounding these topics in our culture. So shark week is the time of year that I try to call attention to all of this misunderstanding. Also, I like baiting people to talk to me about sharks, hypnosis, and birth with prizes on social media. Also, I like using a chunk of my marketing budget to show love for the people that support me on social media and promote my obsession, HypnoBirthing. Shark week involves three fun things. First, do not bother watching Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. It is bias and sensationalized. Instead, I will watch it for you and provide concise summaries and commentaries of the programs if it is warranted. Be sure to follow me on instagram for these updates. Here is a link:

Second, we are giving away 2 prize packages to winners in the Richmond VA area. Both packages contain a shark water bottle, shark towel, reuseable shopper and doterra essential oils. One package includes a one hour massage from Jameson Massage and a $15 gift card to Juice Life Juice Life has the best green juice in RVA - even before Roxberry tragically closed and Courtney does the best massage that I have ever had. The other package includes a $50 gift card to Target. If you want to see a picture of the prize packages they are on the Joyful Birth Service Instagram. People can enter by commenting on prize entry posts on both IG and Facebook.

Third, there are three specials for families who register for HypnoBirthing during Shark Week.

1. Everyone who registers during Shark Week enjoys $50 off of the regular class fee which is already discounted when you click the full fee payment button at the bottom of this page

2. The first NINE families who register during Shark Week will receive a baby shark book, a mommy shark baseball cap, and 5mL of aromatouch essential oil blend. Again, pictures are on Instagram.

3. Each family that registers for HypnoBirthing during shark week is entered into a drawing for a Fresh 48 photo package provided by me, Joy. The owner/operator here at Joyful Birth Services. Limits apply :)

If you have any questions or would like to chat about HypnoBirthing, any Joyful birth services or sharks then contact me anytime. HAPPY SHARK WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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