Long Exposure Maternity Portraiture sessions available in Richmond, VA and a tutorial.

My first experience with long exposure photography was in 2007. I was at a festival and still shooting performance on film when I found a vendor tent set up for long exposure light painting. I went over to check it out and ended up spending a lot of time with the light painters that weekend. As soon as I got my first DSLR I began experimenting with long exposures. It occured to me one day while I was pinteresting back-lit maternity photos that this could be done with light painting and that it might be something that expecting families would enjoy as a non-traditional option. After much practice I am offering long exposure maternity (or family or couples) sessions in my new studio. If you

Richmond Birth Collective

At the begining of this year Joyful Birth Services took a very exciting leap of growth when I secured permanant office and HypnoBirthing class space. I have three very talented suitemates that are equally passionate about supporting growing families. We maintain separate businesses in one location that offers a collection of impressive birth and wellness services. I want to introduce my suitemates now. They have graciously taken the time for some Q and A about themselves and their services. Adrianna Ross is a Cetified Professional Midwife and Traditional Herbalist. I met Adrianna at the same time we signed our lease together. The only thing that I knew about her was that the she lived

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