Birth photography in Richmond Virginia

When I am doing hypnosis for birth (private sessions) I occasionally reference that there are no obstacles along the path. Sometimes the "obstacles" simply are the path. Well this family navigated their path like nothing I have previously witnessed. I can hardly believe my good fortune to witness and document this journey.

Midwifery care was provided by Embrace Midwifery and Birth Center in Richmond, VA. They have been providing outstanding evidence based care in the RVA area for about 3 years now. If you have not seen their majestic and nationally accredited facility I would encourage you to go for a tour sometime.

Obstetric care was provided by the amazing and talented Dr. Lucas. The patience and care that he showed for this family while assuring them that any decision that they made would be the best one was unlike anything that I have previously witnessed from an obstetrician.

Doula support in Richmond VA was provided by Katie Painter. She blew me away as well with her compassion and pep after 30ish hours on the job. She also took my camera into the OR and returned with plenty of fantastic images you will see below.

The birth photographer was so freaking lucky to share space and document this excessive awesomeness, beauty, strength, and love :)

If you are interested in birth photography in Richmond, VA please do not hesitate to contact me.

Joyful Birth Services also loves to offer Childbirth classes in Richmond, VA, Doula Support in Richmond, VA, and Placenta Encapsulation in Richmond, VA

I am occasionally available for travel outside of my regular service area and I always enjoy collaborating with other birth professionals so please never hesitate to get in touch!

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