HypnoBirthing Birth Story

I am so extremely grateful that this beautiful HypnoBIrthing family is allowing me to share their beautiful birth story. Photography by the super kind Patience Salgado. Saturday the 22nd I started noticing contractions, nothing special or to write home about, they were very mild almost unnoticeable, and completely irregular. I figured they were just practice surges. The Wednesday before then (the 19th) I had started losing some of my mucus plug as well so it was nice to see a little progression once my contractions started. I went in Monday (24th) for my 40wk appointment, up until then I decided I wanted no interval checks, I didn't want to know if I was dilated or effaced, I didn't want t


Midfulness on Monday! A fear that does not serve birthing women: "I am going to poop when pushing my baby out" An affirmation to combat this fear: "Each process that brings my baby closer is a gift" or "I am fully supported and comfortable" It also would be helpful to decide in advance how you are going to handle the "pushing phase" I suggest checking out the information here, here, and here before you find yourself being coached to forcefully push out your baby. A great place to learn more about how to make affirmations (and relaxation, visualization, and breathing) work for you birth is a HypnoBirthing class. I would love to have you to join an upcomong group.


Today Minfulness on Monday is going to focus on this common fear that does not serve birthing families: "My doctor will not be on-call for my birth". The affirmation to rewrite this fear: "The care provider that attends my birth is skilled and compassionate " or if that doesn't sound comforting "I am prepared to handle any turn that my birthing may take" The fact of the matter is that in a traditional model attended by an obtetrician, you will only spend a very short period of time with the doctor anyways. Also, make sure to discuss which scenarios are possible with your care provider in advance. Many practices in the Richmond area utilize hospitalists. These are practitioners with the s


This week minfulness on Monday is going to focus on the common fear that does not serve birthing families: "my baby will come before I can get to the hospital" Here a couple of affirmations to rework that thought in your mind: "my baby chooses when and where they will be born and I honor my baby's choice" and "I trust my baby and my body to tell me the perfect time to travel to the hospital" If you have another affirmation relating to timing and arriving at the hospital then please share it in the comments so that others may benefit. Just remember that affirmations need to use positive language and describe what you wish to attract rather than what you wish to avoid. Dr. Gregory White wrot

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