Normalize Breastfeeding RVA - A Photo Project - Please Help!

When my baby was a baby I did my best at the time to breastfeed her and did so with formula supplements for about 8 months. I never would breastfeed in public though. I wasn't particularly modest, I just never thought it was good. I was also living in South Carolina and driving a car with no air condition during most of those 8 months so retreating to my car wasn't a viable option either. There was one particular incident. I was about 25 minutes from home and without formula for some reason. I can still hear her crying as I drove her home to feed her. She is 15 now. It wasn't until just a few years ago when I began doing birth work and spending time with other birth workers that I bega

Four Ways Modern Birth Medicine is Supporting 25 Years of HypnoBirthing Wisdom

Marie Mongan, the founder of HypnoBirthing, is often quoted as saying "when you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change." Over the past couple of years, it would appear modern medicine is changing the way it views birth and is now promoting some of the very best advice that HypnoBirthing has been promoting for 25 years. It's so wonderful to see that the science supports what many gentle-birthing mamas have been doing for ages. Here are the top four ways medicine is supporting 25 years of HypnoBirthing wisdom. Eating during labor. In the past, women were restricted from eating while in labor to prevent aspiration in the event that she needed general anesthesia. General an

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