Home birth photography near Richmond, VA

I am always thrilled to witness and document the birth of a baby. It is always beautiful, regardless of context. The ones at home feel especially special though. I think it is because of the thick loving energy that saturates the entire home. You can feel it as you approach the door of the home and it is impossible to put words around without experiencing it yourself. Much like birth is impossible to put words around...for me anyways :) Thank-you to this amazing family for allowing to share these sacred and personal moments from their home birth journey.

Birth photography in Richmond Virginia

When I am doing hypnosis for birth (private sessions) I occasionally reference that there are no obstacles along the path. Sometimes the "obstacles" simply are the path. Well this family navigated their path like nothing I have previously witnessed. I can hardly believe my good fortune to witness and document this journey. Midwifery care was provided by Embrace Midwifery and Birth Center in Richmond, VA. They have been providing outstanding evidence based care in the RVA area for about 3 years now. If you have not seen their majestic and nationally accredited facility I would encourage you to go for a tour sometime. Obstetric care was provided by the amazing and talented Dr. Lucas. The pati

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