VCU Heath, Midwifery Care, Amazing Family, and Birth Photography in Richmond VA

Unfortunately, The United States is one of the worst developed countries for birth outcomes. Fortunately, Richmond VA is one of the best places in The United States for for birth options. Scenes like those pictured here are not terribly uncommon in RVA. I have actually worked with several families that moved or traveled just to be able to birth here. I count it as a blessing!

Also, thank-you to this family and all families who choose to release their private birth images to the public. This enormous gift is not lost on me <3

I am so happy that this beautiful family was able to enjoy good midwifery care at VCU Health in Richmond, VA.

If you are interested in birth photography in Richmond, VA please do not hesitate to contact me.

Joyful Birth Services also loves to offer Childbirth classes in Richmond, VA, Doula Support in Richmond, VA, and Placenta Encapsulation in Richmond, VA

I am occasionally available for travel outside of my regular service area and I always enjoy collaborating with other birth professionals so please never hesitate to get in touch!

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